Making the Impossible Possible

What is it that makes the Impossible... Possible? The theme for a recent conference I attended was "Making the Impossible... Possible." I have since considered, how does one do that? How do we make the Impossible - Possible?

Four things I consider essential to Making the Impossible... Possible are:

Excellent People
Excellent People seems a "no-brainer" on the surface. But, wishing for excellent people and having them are two different things. Most organizations and business-owners are wishers and wanters. Few, are willing to do the things necessary to grow their people from average to superior. An even lesser number are willing to do what is necessary to identify those with superior potential before they hire them. The reason is simple; it is hard, it takes time and money. Instead, they go on wishing and hoping for something different, but never get it. The world around them, however, cheers them because they are like them, average.

If you want to be different and surround yourself with superior people you must hire people with superior potential and plant them in fertile ground that feeds them and grows them. Here is a 5 point people strategy that works:

Know what you expect of them
Know what attributes they need to have to do what is expected
Know they have what is needed in terms of knowledge, skills, talent and values
Know what they crave and need to grow
Coach and Mentor them
Leadership is not always glamorous. In fact, mostly it isn't. Being a leader sometimes means being unpopular. For certain, leaders must know where they are going and be able to communicate their objective and direction to those who would follow. Here are 4 things a successful leader must have:

A vision
The ability to communicate and engage others
A talent to motivate other to act to achieve the vision
Persistence - I cannot tell you how many great ideas and projects I have abandoned too soon. Many business owners quit too soon. While I have been self-employed and entrepreneurial over the last 40 years I have seen many friends who worked with large organizations rise to the top over time, simply because they persisted ( some were deserving others were not ). Persistence, it seem to me is a "sure winner." Here are 3 activities that build persistence:

Begin at a pace you can sustain over time
Keep on doing the things you believe to be moving you in a positive direction, no matter what
Be vigilant change that necessitates a modified strategy
Patience - Patience, first and foremost, requires you to believe in yourself and know that you will reach your objective because you are doing what is right. If you are not moving toward your objective, keep on doing what you are doing while you are looking for a better way. Change is good!

So, for those of you who are growing a business, the road will not be easy, many will fail but those who practice the Three Ps with a dash of L; your chances of success will be significantly enhanced.

Stephen J. Blakesley, Managing Partner, GMS Talent L P ( ) is an Entrepreneur, Author, Radio Show Host, and Speaker. His two, most recent books, "The Target-The Secret to Superior Performance; ( [] ) and Strategic Hiring - Tomorrow's Benefits Today are top resources for business owners, mangers and C-Level executives around the world.